Hit Snooze: 5 Time Saving Beauty Tips

Blow dry Beep Beep Goes your alarm. Mom mom calls your little one. Reclaim a few minutes of your day by simplifying beauty routine with these tricks. 

Embrace wet hair

Blow drying your hair is one of the biggest time sucks of the day. Especially in the summer months, don’t be afraid to do a damp updo or let your locks roam free and dry naturally. Try pulling your mane back into an elegant bun or simple braid (bonus: you’ll unravel lovely waves the next day). Or spritz a bit of texturizing spray or mousse onto damp hair, and let it dry as you walk to lunch.  Better yet, get a blow out from one of our professional blow dry stylists once a week and maintain the style with dry shampoo every few days.

Use multitasking products

You’ll add minutes to your day and space to your  cosmetics bag by opting for multipurpose products. Try, for example, using a tint that not only gives a rosy hue to your lips but to your cheeks as well. Buy a moisturizer that also performs as a foundation and sunscreen. Opt for an eyeshadow that has a built-in primer or hydration. Take your bronzer brush from your cheeks to your brow bones.

Speed dry your nails

You’re holding your hands out like a zombie, trying not to smudge the color you just hastily applied. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and you’re about to be late for drinks. After allowing your nails to air dry briefly, submerge them in a bowl of ice water for a few minutes before taking them out to air dry again. You can also try briefly sticking your hands in the freezer, blow drying them on the cool setting, or air dusting with a high power canister.

Skip a full-mane wash

In addition to robbing your morning of 10+ minutes, over-shampooing can dry out your hair. If your locks aren’t too oily, give a couple sprays of dry shampoo a try. Apply to your roots and massage downwards to add some oomph and refresh not-quite-clean hair. If skipping the shower, you can also just wash, rinse, and blow dry your bangs over the sink, since they tend to be the most visible site for oil and sweat absorption.

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