Take Time for a Supermom Selfie!

Taking the occasional selfie can relieve stress and boost your mood and self-confidence, so there's no reason not to get dolled up and appreciate your face once in a while!

Are you a Supermom? Can you cook dinner, change a diaper, and prevent World War 3 from going down in the living room all at the same time? If so, we're sure you always have your hands full! Free time is a rare and precious gem to find. When you’re about to explode and you just need a moment to yourself, take the time and do something for yourself!

Did you know that taking the occasional "selfie" can actually relieve stress, boost your mood, and improve your self-esteem? It may seem like a silly, even adolescent, thing to do at first, but it’s not much different from looking in the mirror. We are our own worst critics and we generally look for flaws to improve when we look into a mirror. When you look into a camera, however, you are more likely to smile and look for the positive aspects within your features.

Since it is difficult to get long stretches of time to yourself to relax and wind down, don’t underestimate the power of ten minutes a day to appreciate yourself face. Everyone can enjoy some self-appreciation. As mothers, you often put yourself last--you can use the reminder of how beautiful you really are more than you think! If you aren’t someone who normally wears make up, try a little change to spice things up when the daily drudgery is taking its toll! It can be inexpensive - try StyleInGo's affordable make-up and hair services and let beauty come to you!

For a quick selfie moment, black mascara looks good with all hair colors. Apply mascara primer for maximum effect. Remember, simple is always better! There’s no need to wear a lot of make up, but a little is more refreshing than none at the end of the work week! We love the Christian Dior Diorshow Extase Pluming Mascara (www.wemakebeauty.com).

To give yourself some pampering and feel fully refreshed, have a StyleIngo specialist come to you today and have some professional pampering and learn more beauty tips, as well as how to properly apply make-up and how to care for your skin before and after use. Hey, might as well have your hair done while you're at it!

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