Melissa Lim talks about disrupting personal care industry!

Describe your company – name, mission statement, brief description of the company

Melissa Lim with beautimy products

Beautimy stands for beautify your personal care routine. The heart around the y stands for how personal one’s daily routine is. The average American uses 12 personal care products a day. We’re a mission-driven company that sets to disrupt the 500 billion dollar beauty industry with an innovative business model by allowing our customers customize their own beauty and personal care products from the highest-quality ingredients sustainable-sourced from the USA. It’s an obvious alternative to the one-size-fits-all products off the shelves.

We are essentially returning the power of big beauty brands whose products are typically formulated by older male chemists in laboratories into the hands of young sophisticated consumers who know who they are and what they want. We have gotten Miss America as our notable client and Emmy-nominated reporter Kym McNicholas. 

Tell me how the company came about – why did you start it, how did you meet your co-founders
It is a passion project of mine. It is almost like a core extension of who I am and a form of self-expression, if you will. I wanted to solve my own needs. If I don’t start it, I can’t breathe.  The idea was brought to life when I participated in the first batch of Stanford Venture Lab, now known as NovoEd 

What are the biggest challenges your company has faced

As a resource-constrained entrepreneur, access to human capital for production and distribution has certainly been a big challenge. With so many tasks competing for your attention and so much unsolicited and irrelevant feedback from different people who give cheap lip service forcing their own ideals, agenda and rules they live by down your throat, it can be tricky to decide on exactly what to focus and execute on. Ultimately, what matters most is finding and keeping your biggest employees and customers engaged and happy. Everything else is a distraction really. As Mark Cuban would say, sales cure all ills. My biggest challenge to date would be identifying my customers and use good judgment to understand them and add as much value to their lives as possible so they’ll be loyal and evangelize our products.

What was your background prior to this company

I was working for a holding company in Asia. I’ve also worked with big beauty and fashion brands like L’Oreal, Neutrogena, Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

 How do you achieve work life balance

My work is an extension of my life and personality so I never had to balance work and life. Work and life for me is a fully integrated one. I’ve modeled my life over Tony Hiseh and want to create my own dystopian world where friends turn up to help and work together 

For all of the other female entrepreneurs’ out there, provide some words of advice

Boldly go after your dreams. Don’t let gender roles of limiting beliefs hinder you. Most of our primal fears are irrelevant in today’s day and age. Read tons and be curious.

What are your thoughts on a company like StyleInGo – which enables busy women to look their best and thus feel their best at both work and home

Anything that helps busy woman is a go in my book.