Trends for Spring 2015

Spring 2015 makeup looks are soft and feminine, and there are several exciting trends that you can use to create these delicate, yet dramatically beautiful looks.  A few of our favorite Spring 2015 makeup looks are below.

Ethereal Smokey Eye

The smokey eye makeup trend that has been around for a long time. This eye makeup look has become look for evening and often for day. The smokey eye is loved by many for its versatility and ability to dress up any look.

This season's smokey eye uses shades of peach, purple, burgundy and berry to achieve a more This season's smokey eye uses shades of peach, purple, burgundy and berry to achieve a more "ethereal" look.

While the traditional smokey eye will give you a seductive, sexy and powerful look, the ethereal smokey eye gives you a softer, more come hither look, that is bright, pretty and, yes, reminiscent of the angelic and ethereal.

The new ethereal smokey eye replaces the dark smokey color in the smokey eye with a peach, purple, burgundy or berry color.  Pick a color that will contrast well with your skin. Remember to accompany this look with a slightly darker shade of eyeliner, mascara and clean skin. Keep your skin glowing with a sheer foundation and shimmer on the cheeks.  Our artists love the Bobbi Brown BB cream and Christian Dior Iconic Mascara to complete this look.

Flower Petal Lips

Soft, flower petal colored lips will brighten your complexion but keep your look casual for Spring.  Stick to lip stains and soft lip colors to add that subtle pop of color to your look.  Look for sweet pea pink, soft coral or pale orchid.

Warm Complexion

One of the easiest ways to transition your look from Winter to Spring is a sprinkling of bronzer. Simply tap a light dust of bronzer where sun would naturally warm your face - the forehead and top of the nose. The Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Bronzing Compact has multiple colors that create a natural glow.

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