Demanding Day? Order a Blowout on Demand!

There are so many good reasons to schedule a Blowout on Demand from us at StyleInGo! It's always nice to pamper yourself with a beauty treatment such as a blow out at your home, where you can relax and 30 minutes later look refreshed. That is why one of the best days for a Blowout on Demand is when you know you're going to have a demanding day.

What makes a day demanding for you? Is it 

  • a business interview? 
  • a presentation?
  • a class reunion, a family reunion?
  • a wedding to attend?
  • a society function?
  • your first day on a new job?
  • the day before a flight?
  • an especially busy day for your children?
  • a graduation?

Get a blow-out at home by a StyleInGo hair stylist

With an already hectic schedule, when you need to look your best why partake in the extra stress of commuting to a salon, when instead you can pamper yourself at home.  By booking an at home On Demand Blow out, you are removing these additional irritants that you would otherwise experience if you were to go to a salon:

  • Sitting in traffic
  • Finding parking
  • Dressing to appear in public
  • Time wasted in commute
  • Chance encounters and needless small talk
  • Travel expenses, gasoline

Why should you pamper yourself with a blow out on an especially demanding day?

  • You know when you get a blowout that your hair will look amazing.
  • A blowout lasts for several days so you will be set for the rest of the work week!
  • A blowout lifts your spirits and lightens your mood to give you serenity to face a Demanding Day.

When you have a Blowout on Demand, you have one less item to worry about. Furthermore, by taking care of it at home, you've saved yourself from distractions, annoyances and problems that you don't need on an already demanding day.

Contact us. We'll come to you.