3 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid To Prevent a Beauty Disaster

Make up has the distinct ability to either make or break our look. Whether it be on a daily basis or for an important event, you want to make sure that you consistently hit home runs with your make up.

There are many obstacles that can limit your ability to creating an amazing look, such as time, too many choices, and incorrect application.  Below are 3 mistakes that you can avoid and when you need to look your absolute best, you can always easily book a professional at StyleInGo to help you! 

Wearing a foundation too light or dark for your face.

Make sure to match your foundation to your jaw line, and blend into your neck and hairline before finishing with a neutral powder and light bronzer

All the bronzing, contouring, and foundation shades on the market today, can be overwhelming. Match your  foundation to your jaw line, and remember to blend into your neck and hairline. Dust with a neutral powder, and finish with a light bronzer over your cheekbones and forehead for a slightly sun-kissed look. Less is always more!

Skipping moisturizer.

Don’t skip this step! Your skin is your makeup canvas - happy and hydrated skin equals beautiful makeup.  Applying foundation or face powder without moisturizing can lead to uneven skin tone, flaky patches, and wrinklesFollow this sequential order to achieve smooth foundation application: moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer and set with powder if needed.

Going to sleep with a face full of makeup.

Again, happy skin equals beautiful makeup.  Do not go to bed with foundation, powder, mascara and eyeliner still on! Sleeping with day-old makeup is hard on your skin and can cause irritation to skin and eyes. With the plethora of makeup removers- wipes, gels, creams, liquids- there’s no excuse for not taking off your makeup.

By avoiding these 3 crucial mistakes, you can ensure that your makeup adds to your elegance rather that detracting from your beauty.

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