Tricks to Enhancing your Lips

Lately, Kylie Jenner has been making headlines in magazines, and its not for being Kim Kardashian's sister, but rather for her makeup looks. Even though Kylie is only 17, she's already known for her "signature" makeup look; which includesflawless looking skin, big rounded eyes, and, the headline making "over-lined" lips. Kylie's lips are so full and perfect, critics have accused the teen beauty for having surgery or lip injections. While only Kylie will ever know if her lips have been surgically enhanced, she has confessed to over lining her lips achieve an even plumper pout.

Kylie Jenner has popularized over-lined lips. The good news is it's not hard to get this same look!

Follow these simple steps to create an enhanced pout:

1. Start by applying foundation to your skin, apply a small amount to your lips to provide the blank canvas for the lip liner. You want the pigment of your lips to be the same as the rest of your skin at this point. 

2. Then start by over-lining just right outside of the natural lip-line. For the liner, Kylie uses a MAC pencil lip liner, however, a neutral hue like "GA14 Natural" from NYX will work as well. 

3. Then fill in the rest of the lip with the liner. 

4. Blot off the excess on a lint-free cloth,then apply another coat of liner. This will leave a natural full looking lip with a matte finish. 

5. Add a thin coat of clear gloss, or a really light shaded gloss, to give the lips a more polished look.

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