Dramatic Eyeliner - One of This Year's New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends

One of the big beauty trends at Fall 2015 New York Fashion Week was bold eyeliner. This eye-popping trend was a must have on all the runways - from Peter Som's bold orange eyeliner on the inner corners to Nanette Lapore's white rimmed eyes. Eyeliner is an easy and effective way to enhance your eyes, and using eyeliner in unconventional ways creates a fun yet very wearable runway beauty trend. 

Fashion Week 2015 showed off dramatic eyeliners. Make yours dramatic for the night out, or keep it subtle for everyday activities.

Here's how to achieve some of our favorite eyeliner looks from the runway. Feel free to use liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner and even eye-shadow with some water:

Bold Winged Eye :

  • Close your eye and pull the skin tight
  • Draw a thin line on the top of your eyelids only, close to your lashes
  • Draw a second line 1/2 cementer above the line and create a wing
  • Fill in the space between the two lines with your eyeliner to create a very graphic eyes

Inner Eyes 

  • Take a fun color that contrasts with your skin 
  • Line the inner lower lash line to create an instantly modern twist on your eye makeup.  Use a shimmery white or nude color to open and brighten your eyes

Full Rimmed

  • Rim both the top and bottom lash line, or right around the lash line in an unexpected color - such as white, orange or blue 
  • Make sure to go over the lines with your eyeliner twice to really enhance the eyeliner

The looks you can create with eyeliner are endless.  You can mix and match colors, use different textures and place the eyeliner in different places of your eye.  Play with this look and have fun!