Flawless, Smokey Eye Tutorial

Every girl needs a perfected smokey-eye look in her beauty arsenal, but there are a few tools, and tricks you need to know before you get started. For this smokey eye tutorial, you will need eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow primer, a flat eye shadow brush, a blending eye shadow brush and a pencil brush.

Every girl needs a smokey-eye look, so make sure you know the necessary tools and tricks.

1. Color Palette - this particular tutorial focuses on a classic black to grey smokey eye, but you can use this technique to create a smokey eye in any color you desire.  When choosing an eyeshadow palette (or colors for the smokey eye) you will need 3 colors of eyeshadow: (i) very dark color, such as black, deep purple, deep blue or deep green, (ii) medium color, such as grey, light purple, light blue or light green and (iii) base color which should be one shade lighter than your skintone and will be used to highlight your brow bone.

2. Eye Primer - an eye primer is essential for a smokey eye look to ensure that the color stays on all day and night. A good eye primer also ensures that the eyeshadow color you select remains true both in the palette and on your lids.  A few of our favorites are the Smashbox 24 Hour Eye Primer and the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.

3. Eye Shadow - the smokey eye technique moves from dark to light in a gradient from your eyelash line up to the brow bone. Using your flat eyeshadow brush, start with the darkest color and apply it from your lash line to your eyelid. Next take the medium color with your flat eyeshadow bush and move from your eyelid crease tot he brow bone.  Finally take the base color with your flat brush and swipe the color on your brow bone. Use the blending eyeshadow brush to blend the dark and medium colors together, as well as the medium and base tone together.

4. Eyeliner - Use a creamy khol eyeliner, or chunkey eyeshadow stick to line both the top and bottom lash lines.  Use the pencil brush to smudge the eyeliner between your lashes so that you don't see a distinct eyeliner line.  Remember to line both the inner water line on the top and bottom of your eyelids.

5. Mascara - Apply two generous coats of a volumizing mascara. Feel free to add false lashes as well to really enhance the look.

6.  Finish your look with a well matched foundation and lip color of your choice.

Have fun with this look!  If you have an event and want a professional to help you perfect the look, contact StyleInGo where a professional makeup artist will come to you to create the perfect smokey eye look for your next big event.

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