StyleInGo Has Officially Launched!


All women know how difficult it is to schedule and maintain regular hair, nails and waxing appointments with everything thing else that is going on in our lives.  Women deserve to feel pampered and confident and StyleInGo makes it easy to do so by bringing a beauty professional to your doorstep.

Don't waste time commuting to the Salon after a long day at work or worry about where how to manage your young children while having a waxing appointment. Our beauty professionals come highly recommended and provide a salon experience at the comfort of your home. 

We want to look our best 24/7, but with full time jobs with long hours, family commitments and our personal lives it becomes difficult to maintain our beauty routine. StyleInGo is the best option to keep up with your weekly beauty goals. Whether you are a working woman, stay at home mom, a bride or going to your high school prom we hope you will join us and make us a part of your style routine."

We currently serve Bay Area. Write to us if you want StyleInGo in your town. We are soon launching a mobile app. We are excited about the app! Book Now!