Plan your Vegas wedding

Are you considering a Las Vegas wedding? Who would do that? Lots of people would, including celebrities from Frank Sinatra to Britney Spears. 

Las Vegas is one of the top locations in the US for destination weddings. There are many options available for weddings in Las Vegas, from fun theme wedding spots to classic chapels.

You might be married in a small chapel on the strip and have "Elvis" walk you down the aisle or perform the service. You can be married at the Graceland Chapel where Bon Jovi got married. Rock band Kiss themed weddings are available too. 

You might want a more classic venue than to be married at Denny's or in front of the neon Vegas sign. How about a romantic wedding 460 feet in the air overlooking the lights of Las Vegas? The observation deck, located on the 50th story of the Eiffel Tower, gives you that option. Almost all the major casinos in Las Vegas have beautiful chapels available for weddings. If an outdoor wedding is more your style, Reflection Bay Golf Club offers a romantic lakeside ceremony, and many hotel/casinos have gardens available for weddings. From a drive through wedding, to a wedding in a gondola, Las Vegas has them all.

No matter what style of Las Vegas wedding you choose, you want the experience to be problem free. StyleInGo will ensure that your hair and make up look their very best. We have top professional stylists who will create your ideal look for your wedding. Contact us for information on how to create your dream look.