Makeup on Demand in Las Vegas

With StyleInGo, a great look is always right at your fingertips. Whether its date night, girls night out, or a work function, our makeup artists are ready to make you look and feel glamorous. When you book a makeup artist, they'll show up at your door at the selected time, ready to go. It doesn't take much preparation on your part, but here's what you should do before they arrive:

Have a clean face.

If you're already wearing makeup, make sure to thoroughly wash your face so that your makeup artist is starting with a clean slate. Packing on too much makeup won't make for a good look. If you aren't wearing makeup, moisturize and/or follow your regular pre-makeup skin routine for the best results. 

Give your artist some examples.

You may have a perfect picture in your head of what kind of look you want, but conveying that to your artist may not be as easy as telling them what to do. Look up some pictures of similar looks, and show your makeup artist exactly what you want before you get started. 

Make your preferences known.

Tell your makeup artist about any makeup preferences you have or any skin issues you deal with prior to starting. If you have sensitive skin, for example, let them know. Also make sure to let them know if you have oily or dry skin so they can select products that will work well for you.

Get comfortable.

Make sure you have a comfortable area to sit in and that there's room for your makeup artist to move around. You'll be sitting for a while, so you'll want to be in a comfortable and relaxed setting. 

Have fun!

Relax and let yourself get pampered for the night. Once you've settled in and talked to your makeup artist about what you want, the work is in their hands. In no time, you'll be looking beautiful and feeling confident. 

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