Beauty on Demand - Coming to Vegas and LA!

Need a stylist? Don't have time?

Check out our service! Beauty on demand in Los Angeles is coming to cater to your every hair and makeup need. We have stylists who will come to you, wherever you are. At the gym? No problem.  Still at home? Great, we got it.

Our artists and stylists are friendly and compassionate and ready to serve you whenever and however you need them. They are professionals who are trained in making your hair or makeup look as fantastic as it possibly can. Prepare to be amazed -- because that is exactly what will happen if you hire us to bring out the beauty that lies within you.

We understand that important events come up and sometimes you aren't ready to prepare for them on your own. Maybe you are busy with school, or work, or occupied with family and friends. This doesn't take away the importance of your business function or party. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't still be able to look stunning both inside and out when you walk through the door. So, if you need to be somewhere, but don't have the time or the capabilities to tend to your physical appearance, let us step in and do all the work for you. We are able to show up at any time and ensure that you attend your special occasion with all of the pride you deserve.

Originally serving over 15 cities, we are now expanding our services to accommodate more areas. We are thrilled to announce that we will now be providing our nifty, convenient, on-the-go beauty services to the citizens of Las Vegas and Los Angeles! 

Do you want affordable, professional style that meets the needs of both your reputation and your wallet? You can contact us to set up an appointment today. You won't regret that you did!