How to Get Exactly the Look You Want From Your Makeup Artist

When sitting down to have your makeup done by a professional, do you suddenly find it hard to communicate what kind of look you're going for? Sure, in your mind's eye there is a perfect image of how you envision the results, but as soon as your makeup artist begins to ask questions, it's not uncommon to have trouble expressing exactly what it is that you're hoping to see in the mirror.

Professional makeup artists don't expect their clients to know all sorts of technical cosmetic terms, although there are a few things you can do as a client to prepare for your makeover and ensure that you end up with the beautiful look you imagined!

1. Get the Picture: In many ways, having your makeup done is similar to getting your hair styled. Many people have had the experience of telling their hair dresser to go just a little shorter, only to discover that they both have very different definitions of "a little." 

Bringing in a reference photo of a celebrity or model's makeup is a great way of helping professionals get an idea of the look you want. Many clients will use terms like "smokey eye" and "natural-looking," although these terms will mean different things to different people. Your photo will serve as a great jumping-off point, allowing you and your artist to have a conversation regarding what it is you like about the pictured look, and how those elements can be used to complement your face.

2. State Your Plans: Your makeup artist will ask for information about the occasion that you're having your makeup done for. This goes beyond making polite conversation. Beauty professionals understand that makeup can look different depending on the location it's seen in. What might appear cool and edgy in a dim nightclub could easily look overdone and inappropriate at a daytime wedding. Fill your artist in on what you know: the tone and time of the event, what you'll be wearing, and whether or not there will be flash photography.

Not only will this help you and your makeup artist land on a look that fits, but it can also help them ensure that your makeup will last as long as possible. If you're going to be crying tears of joy during the day and hitting the dance floor all night, your makeup artist will know that it's time to break out the waterproof mascara.

3. Speak Your Mind: It's your makeup artist's job to give you a look that you love, so they will often check in with you throughout the process to make sure that you like what you're seeing. Be honest with them! If they start to apply an eyeshadow that you feel is just not your color, it's easier to correct it if you say something right away, rather than wait until they've completed the entire look.

Professional makeup artists are trained to bring out your best features, but they can't read minds when it comes to knowing what you consider flaws. If you want your freckles covered, for instance, let them know so that they can accommodate you. And always state any allergies before the first product is applied to your face, especially for ingredients like aloe or latex, which are found in many moisturizers and eyelash adhesives.

Now that you're confident in your ability to flawlessly communicate the look you want, contact us to book the talented makeup artist that will work with you to achieve it!