3 Ways to Keep Your Makeup In Place All Day Long

We all want it: budge-proof makeup that won't move no matter how sweaty or oily we get. There's nothing that lowers your confidence more than looking in the mirror and seeing that your foundation is melting off of your face. If you want to know how to combat those evil sebaceous glands, here are some tips to keep your makeup in place all day.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but setting your foundation and concealer after you blend it in could be the difference between a matte face, and looking like you just took a bath in baby oil. But it isn't simply rubbing powder on your face, it's how you do it. After you've applied your foundation, make SURE you've blended it to where it's dry before you go ahead with powder; the same goes with concealer. Putting powder over wet foundation can cause your makeup to look a bit heavy, and it doesn't properly set your makeup. Also, make sure you are tapping your brush onto your skin before sweeping it across. This ensures that your foundation is being set and locked into place. 


Before you even apply your foundation, make sure you prime your face! You can also prime your eyelids if they're oily. There are so many different primers for so many different skin types and issues. There are primers to hide redness and discoloration, primers to minimize the appearance of pores, fill in fine lines, etc. Although the extensive selection of primers can be overwhelming, choosing the right one for your skin type is important.   Priming your skin before applying any makeup will increase the amount of time you're able to wear it, and it will keep it on your face. 

Setting Spray

After you've primed your skin and applied foundation and powder, you can lock everything in place one last time with a setting spray. Urban Decay's All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a favorite among makeup artists and beauty lovers everywhere. Setting spray traps all of your makeup in, allowing you to go all day without having to worry if your shiny nose is the center of attention.

And of course, the greatest tip of all would be to contact us and let us keep you matte for your special event!