Beyond the Veil: Wedding Hairstyles and Accessories

While there are a multitude of traditional veil options, ranging from chin-length to 20 feet down the aisle, many modern brides are opting for different hair accessories to accentuate their personal style rather than being lost behind a gossamer cloud. A bride wants her face and hair to be perfect, but she also wants that perfection to be in full view.

Tiaras are a staple for wedding hairstyles, though many brides are moving away from the traditional bejeweled crown for a softer, more casual headband. Often made with pearls, cloth, silk flowers, or simply beaded, headbands give a softer look while not distracting from the bride's face. Headbands are very versatile, working well with hair of every length, and complimentary to both up-dos and free tresses. Split and art-deco style headbands have been gracing the heads of a multitude of magazine and runway models in recent months. 

Cage veils are a nice compromise if you don't want a long veil, but want some of the vintage look. Sophisticated and chic, they are easy to pop on and off for pictures and only cover a small portion of the hair and face. Cage veils work best with up-dos, so if you are planning on keeping your hair free, you might want to look at other options.

Facinators and combs are very popular when made with white and silver feathers, silk flowers, delicate leaf-and-vine wire, and miniature veiling. Again the trend is falling away from the heavily bejeweled silver combs that have dominated up-dos in the past. Both facinators and combs are most often worn with a low bun or half-up half-down style.

Of course, delicate barrettes, clips, and adorned hairpins are all great ways to add highlights to your hairdo without covering or overwhelming it. Braided chignons studded with small pearls, baby's breath, or leaf-and-vine pieces are elegant while being unobtrusive. A side-swept do with a dainty floral pin highlights the bride's face and allows for free-flowing hair.

Whatever your personal style, a professional stylist will be able to help you choose the perfect look to compliment your dress, your hair, the shape of your face, and incorporate those fabulous accessories. Please contact us so we can help make your big day an absolute joy!