Everyday Makeup looks

You have 20 minutes to get ready or you'll be late! Of course in your mind the constant thought of "Oh well, today will have to be mascara and lipstick only!". Do not worry ladies, you can do a quick and easy look that will last all day and look like you didn't just get ready in 5 minutes.

The first step to your quick and flawless makeup look is of course, Moisturizer! The fist step to beautiful and easy makeup application is of course beautiful skin. If you moisturizer and use a light primer before any application, your makeup will stay longer and sit on the skin instead of sinking into your pores! Always remember to let your face dry and allow the product time in between so you don't clog your pores. An essential oil infused primer will help brighten your skin and give you a fresh face for the makeup application.

Next comes the foundation, if necessary you can use a little concealer to cover up dark under eyes. The best way to apply foundation is to put a quarter size amount on your hand and dip your clean brush and stipple (lightly tap the makeup on the skin), this will take away any streaks that comes with using a brush. If you have a beauty sponge on hand you can use that to help blend your makeup for a flawless finish! If you want more of a matte look, take a loose foundation and apply that to your skin as well. If you want to contour, use a powder color 3 shades darker and do quick swipes right under your cheekbone, sides of your nose, neck and the temples. Always remember to blend after every step so you don't see where the darker and lighter colors meet. Apply blush to the cheeks to complete the face.

For eyeliner (if you wear it), use liquid and with whatever shape you want you can apply it quickly. A quick tip for mascara is to do bottom lashes first! It'll give your eyeliner time to dry. While its drying, apply any lipstick or lip gloss, you can do lip liner and lip contouring but I won't go into that for sake of time. Once your lips are done, your eyeliner should almost be dried, apply 2 coats (dry in between) to top lashes.

And you're done! A quick and perfect look that you can do in 10 minutes or less. A setting spray would be another great way to finish your look and give you some added insurance so your makeup lasts all day!

Thanks for reading beauty lovers!