Beauty Routine For Lazy Gals

Beauty is a lot of work. Any woman who has gone through gruesome waxing, painful spending, or arduous winged liner knows the struggle. "Beauty is pain" they said, and they were right. For some, the pain is totally worth it to look their most glamorous. However, some gals are content with a more "minimalist" approach. That's what we are going for here, walking through an ideal makeup routine for those low-maintenance gals. 

Face: This is where you'll want to spend the majority of your time. Having a pulled together base of makeup will make the lack of effort in other areas much less noticeable. A tinted moisturizer or a light creamy foundation is the best bet. With a tinted moisturizer you can easily blend it in with your fingers or a brush if you wish, as well as with the lighter foundation. Using a less heavy base allows you to build up to your desired coverage without feeling to weighted down. Once you've blended to your heart's content, take a creamy concealer to touch up any problem areas you may have. Once you've finished with that, all you need to do is set your base with powder to keep everything in place. If you wish to add some color to your cheeks, add some nice pink blush to your routine. 

Eyebrows: Everyone loves a strong brow. However, we do not have time for all of that. If your brows are dangerously sparse, quickly take an angled brush with some brow powder just to touch up. Otherwise, just simply take some brow gel to shape them how you prefer and to keep them in place. Simple as that. 

Eyes: Cream eyeshadow is a saving grace for minimalist makeup. Just dip your ring finger in a nice neutral shade and swipe a layer onto your eyelids. This way your eyelids aren't totally bare, and have a nice shimmer. Mascara is up next. Since we are going pretty plain everywhere else, make those lashes pop. A good rule of thumb is to swipe 30 times for both eyes. Your lashes will look fabulous. With that, the eyes are done. 

Lips: You need one product for this step: Tinted lip balm. We don't have any time for that lip liner and lipstick nonsense. This is a lazy day after all. Tinted lip balm gives you moisture while also livening up your complexion. 

That is it. The perfect routine for a lazy gal on a lazy day. 

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