4 Trending TV Shows With the Most Pin-Worthy Hair and Makeup

From perfectly blended contours to lux, look-at-me lashes, we aren't just tuning in to these shows for the story. These four TV spots that are dominating our Hulu are also giving us all plenty of makeup inspiration for our OOTD.

Pretty Little Liars

Mystery - check. Pointless Santa outfits - check. Crazy story lines - check. On fleek eyebrows - check. Pretty Little Liars is the show you grew up with (or the show that sucked you in despite the fact that its made for teenagers.) We know good and well that we are never going to find out who A actually is and we don't even care at this point - but if Lucy Hale's eyebrows aren't in on it we will be forced to stage a coup. (PS - Aria, girl, your outfits be crazy. Whatever your instincts say... do the opposite.)


Keeping Up With the Kardashians

You know its mostly fake. You really have zero cares to give though... "Bible." Even with cameras rolling around 24/7, somehow they rarely catch anyone in this family without a full face of makeup or perfectly placed hair. If you ever plan to die and come back as a contouring brush this is the place to do it. Seriously... its like the afterlife for highlighting.


Game of Thrones

Funny how this deep, dark, grimy world gives such good, flawless face. Even when people are dying or freezing or meeting some other horrible fate they look effortlessly beautiful doing it. The makeup has such an innocent and pure quality too which makes it perfectly appropriate for this period piece that has taken your Netflix feed by storm.


Love and Hip Hop

While this VH1 guilty pleasure is one you might never admit to watching (mostly because you are kind of embarrassed for people when they move their hands so dramatically with every single narration snippet regardless of the severity of the issue.) But let's face it... the drama is so crazy-funny and it makes our lives feel more normal. Aside from the flair for the dramatic, the makeup is always spot on - especially the lux lashes which are apparently this cast's go-to signature look.

Whether you are a reality TV guru or prefer a show with a bit more substance, makeup just makes every story a little more pin-worthy. Have a character's style you love? We can help you snag your favorite TV look for that special occasion (even if that special occasion is just your Friday selfies and Poptarts session.) Contact us today to book an appointment. Oh, and by the way... what's your favorite TV show makeup pick? Sound off below. We'd love to hear your thoughts!