Beyond the Face: Wedding Makeup for Your Body

Perhaps you have seen pictures in a bridal magazine or a celebrity's wedding photos. Beautiful and intricate body art -- swirls and vines often of deep reds, white, silver or gold flowing around the neck, over the shoulders, on the arms or back. Even faux "gloves" that look like the most intricate lace. A gem here or there, perhaps Swarovski crystal, to enhance the delicate design work. Wedding makeup for the body has become an immensely popular trend.

Body art as part of the wedding festivities is a tradition going back thousands of years. The most well-known is the art of mehndi (henna) which has flourished in India and the Middle East, and now has a significant following in the United States. Traditionally a bride's hands, arms, legs, and feet are decorated with exacting detail -- a process which can take hours. The ritual is incorporated into a party for the bride and her bridesmaids -- much like a bachelorette party -- full of laughter, advice, dancing, and joy.

You've seen it, you love it, you want it. What now? Most large communities boast at least one well-experienced and talented mehndi artist. They can use not only henna, but other body paints and decorations to perfect your look. A reputable artist will have a portfolio of design work, including photos, testimonials from former clients, and drawings. They can make unique designs based on your gown, your flowers, symbols that are significant to you and your fiance -- many even incorporate the name of the groom into the design. A reputable artist will also only use henna, body paints, glues and gems that are safe and approved for use on skin. The last thing you want on your special day is a reaction to unsafe materials!

Contact potential mehndi artists as far in advance as possible, especially if your wedding is in the spring and summer months. Plan on meeting with them at least 3 times before the wedding:

1- to look over their portfolio, discuss your design choices, and ask any questions you may have about time, cost, scheduling, etc.

2- for a skin test (even though henna and most body paint is very safe, some people do have sensitivities to it and need to be sure they won't have a reaction),

3- for a final approval of their designs and final scheduling for application. Henna usually has to be applied 24-72 hours BEFORE you get into your gown, body paint and gems are applied AFTER you are dressed.

Body art on your wedding day is yet another fun, unique and beautiful way to express yourself and highlight your best features.

Questions about this or other wedding day makeup ideas? Please contact us! We would love to hear from you!