Tips to Help Breathe Life Back Into Your Skin and Show True Beauty (Part 3)

Try Natural Beauty Products

Some products make claims that seem out of this world. They rely on you to believe them and buy what they are selling, even if their claims are unsupported and unsubstantiated. But do you really know what you're buying most of the time?

To ensure that the products that you are using come from natural sources and are derived from ingredients that you have heard of (and can pronounce), only buy products that cite their resources explicitly and aren't afraid to be up front about their business practices.

If you find a product that makes claims that you are on board with, but their ingredients aren't cited to your liking, move on to a product that does. In doing so, you'll limit a number of harsh chemicals coming into contact with your skin, and move forward with positive skin care practices.

Hand and Nails

Your appearance says a lot about the kind of person that you are, the work that you do, and type of care you give yourself, which includes your hands and nails.

To stave off the signs of aging in your hands always avoid acids and harsh cleansers coming into direct contact with your skin, and wear gloves if necessary. But, whatever you do, never bite your nails. Not only is it a nasty habit, your nails won't recover for months.

For extreme hand-chapping, especially during winter, try soaking your hands in baby oil and sesame oil, and remember to moisturize often to keep your hands soft and supple and looking young.

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