Seeking That Perfect Hairstyle for Cozy Fall Nights? We’re the Only Hair Stylists on Demand in San Diego who Keep Up with the Trends

One of the best things about San Diego is our Fall weather. It’s never too hot or too cold here. For many of us, Fall means several months of light sweaters; comfortable, soft, warm clothes, and good hair days.

Though fall hair color trends were beautiful this year. Many of them were the hues you would expect like warm chestnuts and auburns with highlights.

However, jet blacks and varying tones of blonde from icy with black roots to warm blondes mixed with pinks or browns also made appearances on the runways. However, the runways were also full of the types of styles that allow any San Diego beauty to take advantage of all the upcoming good hair days she can.

Harper’s Bazaar featured some of the top looks.

Play Up Your Natural Curls and Texture

If you have the type of soft wavy hair, (like slide 4), natural curls, (like slide 8), or bushy texture that tends to either shrink or expand at the first sign of humidity, now’s the time to show off your hair’s natural beauty. Big, curly hair and soft bushy textures are very popular now. Designers like Zac Posen, Louis Vuitton and Rag & Bone featured models with striking natural texture on the runways.

Vamp it Up with Perfect Marcel Waves

Nothing kills that perfect vintage look quicker than humidity; either the kind that makes you sweat excessively or the kind that comes with an icy rain. Luxurious marcel waves, (like slide 31) are absolutely stunning with Fall shoulder wraps, comfortable body-hugging dresses, and vintage high heels. Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada featured these looks at fashion events this season.

Sport Fun and Funky 80s Looks

For many fashionistas, the 80s will never go away. Though some 80s looks were simply horrible overall, many women still have a few skirts, purses, shirts, earrings, just odds and ends to add a touch of flair. If the 80s still holds a place in your heart, this season is the perfect one to have your stylist give you a look that requires just a little bit of hairspray. Though these 80s looks, (like slides 46-49), do remind us of the decade, they’re not over-the-top.

Contact us today at StyleNGo. There’s no easier way to get your hair done in San Diego. We’re affordable and we come right to you. Our stylists watch the trends with a passion and can give you the looks you crave for date night, a business event or social event where you not only have to look your best, but you have to look on trend. Call us whenever you need a hair stylist on demand in San Diego.