6 Ways to Apply the Silver Hair Trend

Silver-colored hair is the most popular trend of this season. It is expected to gain even more prevalence throughout 2017. That’s right, your grandmother’s hair is now high-fashion. You have probably noticed the silver trend and how it gained popularity among famous trendsetters. However, have you considered how many different styles you could achieve using silver as a base tone? Our  professional hair stylist on demand in LosAngeles will help you find the best silver style.  Silver offers a lot of versatility and numerous options. Here are six great ways to use silver in your hair.

Silver and shadow roots

This style requires mixing the ombre and balayage methods to give your hair a more attractive look. The dark roots fade to lighter tones, which appear as sun-kissed hair. The gray shade of the balayage is a wonderful characteristic that offers a mild and genuine appearance while creating increased color ranges. Hair can be curled to make a top-notch style.

Pastel hair

These vivacious shades are intended to make you look younger. With this amazing style, you can remove years from your appearance. Who would have thought, silver actually makes you look younger!The vivid purple tones are typically seen with a bob style haircut. The rest of the hair is silver toned with grey streaks to lighten the overall look. Having an abundance of flyaway and curly hairs create a tousled and laid-back look.

Silver princess

This hairstyle is known for being fashionable, feminine and fun. The unusual color mixture is often selected by ladies who want to stand out from the crowd. It starts from a dark shade and leisurely fades into lighter tones. Add a decorative headband to get that realistic grandma style.

Silver blonde hair

Few things are better than robust, healthy hair. This color style is definitely on point. The twinkle in a silver hair color offers an illusion similar to that of lip gloss. The locks of hair are put into curls to provide a bit more personality. The layers at the back are free of frizz and offer a glossy, long lasting shimmer. If your hair is naturally dull, this might be a good choice for you. It will definitely brighten things up and create a more shiny look.

Silver for ashy blonde hair

The faint effect provided by the ash blonde base can be combined with perfect highlights of silver. The locks of hair are wavy to make a flattering style. The waves create volume and add dimension. The greatest aspect of this color combination is that it's a low-maintenance style and is fairly simple to achieve. This is perfect for the busy gal who doesn’t have a lot of extra time to style her hair.

Ash blonde balayage ombre

The beautiful consistency and amazing color transition provide these layered locks with a lot of attitude. This slick color mixture fades from ash blonde to lighter silver blonde. It's certainly a wonderful way to color your asymmetric haircut and give it some height and curls that improve your appearance. If you feel your hair is often too flat, this could be the right choice for you.

You may think silver is not your “thing.” However, with its growing popularity, it may be worth a try. Thousands of trendsetters couldn’t be wrong, could they? The great thing about adding silver is that you don’t need to overdo it. A little silver tone goes a long way. Play around with some of the above-mentioned ideas and see if any of these great styles work for you. Any time you change your hairstyle or color, the most important thing to remember is that your personality should show. Make sure your hair matches your attitude, so you are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Let your inner beauty shine outwardly with amazing hair.

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