Working-Mom Beauty: Five Fast & Fabulous Hairstyles For Back-To-School Time

Back-to-school season is upon us, and with it comes the hectic mornings of lunchbox backing, shoe-finding, and homework signing. Schedules quickly fill up, and working moms may find their kids’ morning routines encroaching on beauty regimen time.

If you're looking to save some minutes without sacrificing fabulousness, try some of these super-fast hairstyles that will have you sleek and ready to go in seconds!

Wrapped Ponytail

Section your hair into two parts: (i) 1 inch piece at the nape of your neck and (ii) the rest of your hair.  Put the larger section of hair into a pony tail and secure with a rubber band. Take the 1 inch piece of hair and wrap it around the base of the pony tail to cover the rubber band and secure the ends of the hair with two bobby pins.

Inside-out Ponytail

Tie hair into a simple mid-height or low ponytail. Create a split in the hair just above the band through the base. Hold the split with one hand while using your index finger on the other hand to create a hook up through the base. Loop your finger around the ponytail and pull through.

Braid and Tuck

Separate a small chunk of hair behind both ears. Make a simple braid on each side, clip and set aside. Comb and smooth the rest of your hair, pinching into a ponytail at the hairline base. Grab both braids to the sides of the low ponytail, and fix loosely with a band. Create a split in the hair just above the band, and flip the band in as if creating an inside-out ponytail. But instead of pulling through the bottom, tuck all of their hair into the split, creating a wide, tucked-bun effect. Secure with a decorative comb.

Braided Side Bun

Create a diagonal French braid. Ruffle and secure in a messy bun over the shoulder. Add additional detail or sparkle with a decorative comb.

Hair Bow

Part and comb your hair as usual, and smooth with your favorite oil. Section about a half-inch chunk just over each ear. Carefully tie hair sections into a simple knot and bow on the back of your head. Secure through the knot with a bobby pin.

Order Hair & Makeup On Demand

On Demand hair and makeup services take a load of stress out of your already jam-packed day. Once the kids are off to school, let a professional hair and makeup artist meet you at the office to have you looking your most fabulous before that afternoon meeting. PTA meeting after work? No problem! On Demand beauty services can also meet you for a spruce up or new look before you leave the office!

Contact us today to save your sanity and look your best through the bustling school year!