Three Reasons to Try Makeup on Demand

Makeup on demand, or hiring a mobile makeup artist, is a trend that is spreading like wildfire. StyleInGo is a professional makeup and hair styling service beautifully serving the Bay area. 

Not sure a makeup artist is for you? Here are three great reasons to give it a shot.

Relish the Convenience

Our artists are poised and ready to come to you at home, the office, the gym or a girlfriend's house - anywhere you might be when you need to look fabulous. Perhaps you have a big presentation at work or you're meeting a blind date for cocktails? We'll commute to you so you can sit back and be pampered before for your event.

Embrace Experimentation

We all get in ruts sometimes. Eating the same lunches and hanging out at the same places - sure, routines can be comforting, but maybe your makeup needs a shakeup. Allow one of our skilled artists to introduce you to a whole new look by playing up different features or using an unexpected color that you might not have tried on your own. 

Treat Yourself to a Confidence Boost

Sculpted cheekbones. A sumptuous nude lip. Peepers on point. Nothing puts a swagger in your step like feeling - knowing - you're hot. Just as an afternoon at the spa gives you a deep sense of relaxation, a perfectly polished face is a huge confidence booster. 

Makeup is truly a wearable form of art. Contact us to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself why some things are best left to the pros.