The Skin Care Routine for Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup

Having a flawless makeup application largely depends on the state of your skin.  Implementing an effective skin care routine during the months leading up to your big day guarantees wedding makeup that will look AMAZING in your photos!


This seems like a no brainer but it quite possibly is the most important step in your routine.  Cleanse your face twice daily (or once if you have more sensitive skin) with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type.  Cleansing removes all dirt and oil from your pores.  It is important that your face is clean before applying any product(s).


The use of a facial toner is essential to creating a complete skin care regimen. A toner will even out your complexion and minimize the appearance of pores.  Make sure to pick a toner that is appropriate for your skin type. The purpose of toner is to rebalance your skin so that your serum and moisturizer are most effective. 


The primary component to keeping your face (and body) moisturized has nothing to do with a topical product and everything to do with water.  Drinking plenty of water and eating hydrating fruits and vegetables will aid in flushing out the toxins that can create those unflattering pimples.  If you can drink eight glasses of water a day, you’re on the right track.


Secondary to drinking water, but still very important, is your moisturizer.  Moisturize your face every day after cleansing to keep your skin elastic and supple.   Even those of us with oily skin need to moisturize.  More often than not, oily skin is actually an induced reaction to NOT moisturizing your skin enough.  Your body is trying to combat dryness by over producing oil.  If you find that your skin is too oily (read: greasy) after applying your moisturizer, try a lighter product.

Clean, tone, moisturize, REPEAT!  Getting a head start on prepping your skin will make for a flawless canvas on your wedding day…and every day after!  Contact us today schedule your makeup services for your special occasion!