Reasons Why Women Should Use Beauty On Demand

When it comes to new beauty trends, it's often hard for women to take them seriously. It's easy to dismiss every new product or service as a fad. Beauty on Demand is the newest beauty trend, and it should be taken seriously because it can save you serious time.  When you go to and from beauty appointments, women don't realize is how much time they spend commuting. Saving just one of those round trips can literally restore anywhere from 3-5 hours to your day. Below are a few reasons why you should consider using Beauty on Demand in your everyday life.

Salon visits are often all day events.

You drive there,
You wait your turn,
You wait while the stylist works on anywhere from 1-3 other clients at the same time,
You leave and drive home,
You get dressed and go somewhere else
As you can see, if this starts at lunch, it typically ends after dark.

Are You a Working Mom?

Whether you work at an office, out of your home, or work as a stay at home mom -- taking care of your family and home -- you're a busy woman; and anyone that says otherwise needs to walk a mile in your shoes.

Errands, activities and shopping trips zap hours out of every day; and if you hit traffic, who knows. Having a beauty service come to your home, a friend's house while the kids are at school, or even to your job is a real time saver.

Are You a Busy Career Woman?

Do you travel; have to attend frequent meetings; work late nights; typically only catch 4-6 hours of sleep; or supervise others? If so, then you rarely have full afternoons to dedicate to salon trips. However, our stylists can come to you at your home, hotel or office, (or even on your plane or backstage before a speaking engagement). We've got you covered and looking your best for your next big business meeting or event.

Look Fresh and Beautiful After Work or Anytime

Sometimes getting dressed for an after-work party or even a date after a busy Saturday of running errands is stressful. You question the makeup and hairstyle that you've been wearing day in and day out. You're tired and you don't have the time to learn how to do your makeup and hair like a professional. With Beauty on Demand, you can have a stylist come to your home and do your hair and makeup; alleviating any stress associated with looking your best. This takes so much pressure off of you for the evening and you can just enjoy your night. 

Ready for Any Engagement

Our stylists are willing to meet you for your appointment as early as 6:00 am. This means that you never have to stress out before any engagement.

Enjoy a carefree Friday, even if you've got a special event on Saturday. Book an appointment sometime Friday, wake up Saturday, and enjoy getting your makeup and hair done over a casual breakfast. 

A Service Every Woman Needs

When you really tally it up, women literally spend hours scrambling out to hair salons and then back home to get dressed before going out. With StyleInGo, you don't have to pay outlandish prices for convenience and the stylists will always save you more time than you realize. Contact us today.