Quick Highlighting Techniques for Glowing Makeup

While trends may come in go in the bustling fashion world, one thing never goes out of style: natural, glowing beauty. Even as colors transitions from warm to cool to match the seasons, certain classicmakeup looks never go out of style, including fresh, glowing, dewy skin. The easiest way to achieve this coveted youthful complexion is through a makeup technique known as highlighting, or strobing, which focuses on accentuating the highest points of your face to slim it's overall appearance and "highlight" your best features.

To begin your highlighting makeup, start with your ordinary skincare routine, and be sure to follow with a liberal amount of moisturizer. Make sure the moisturizer is properly absorbed to help achieve a healthy complexion. Next, apply your regular liquid foundation and/or CC cream to cover up any remaining blemishes.

The most important step in a highlighting routine is identifying the highest points in your face. For most women, this includes the brow bone, nose bridge, the curved points on the top of the lip under the nose known as the cupid's bow, top of the cheek bones, and the center of the chin. 

After identifying the high points of the face, use a highlighting powder (a shimmery ivory or cream eyeshadow will work in a pinch) to lightly dust on these areas, and blend as needed. For a more dramatic, sculpted look, you can contrast under the cheekbones and along the sides of the chin with a powder two shades darker than your normal skintone. Make sure to blend thoroughly to achieve the most natural look possible. 

For the perfect glow that will last all day and night, book an appointment with a professional StyleInGo makeup artist who will highlight your skin to have you glowing with perfection!