Bronzer Tips for a Healthy Summer Glow

A properly applied bronzer can be a great way to give your skin a healthy summertime glow without the harsh effects of the sun on your face. These must-have bronzer tips will have you looking summer ready in just a few strokes of a brush!

  • Depending on your skin type, there are different bronzers that will enhance your skin tone. For a person with light skin, a bronzer that is about two shades lighter such as a peach or rose bronzer than their skin tone would complement their skin. A person with a darker skin tone would benefit from a darker shade such as chocolate bronzer. 


  •  You want to find a soft round or slightly tapered brush so that you can create smooth blended lines. Your bronzer should not look harsh, but rather as if you were naturally sun kissed. Use only one specific brush to apply bronzer and use that brush for nothing so that you keep that color concentrated. It is wise to invest in a quality brush that will last you a long while. A good quality brush can make all the difference when applying and blending makeup.
  • Before applying bronzer, make sure you have applied an even and smooth layer of foundation. This will insure the makeup is applied evenly and does not have a blotchy appearance. 
  • Swirl the brush evenly around the bronzer making sure the entire brush is covered and tap off any excess product.  
  • You want to apply in smooth, even strokes along your cheekbones all the way across your cheek. Apply some to your forehead and along your jaw line. You want to apply bronzer to all the places on your face that the sun would naturally hit.

You can lightly blend the bronzer after application to make sure you have smooth lines and transitions between foundation and bronzer. This gives your skin a very airy and bright appearance perfect for Summer!

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