Benefits of a Blowout on Demand- Fabulous Hair that Lasts

Have you ever wished you could bottle your best hair day up and somehow ration it just to make it last? Perhaps you have longed to savor that rush you get when you step out of the hair salon looking like a million bucks. And who could forget the feeling that you can conquer the world with your freshly blown out tresses? As women, our hair plays a powerful role in just how confidently we strut our stuff. Yet, the practicality and logistics of getting to the salon for a blowout often makes this a nearly impossible feat. Let's face it, women of this decade are busy. Whether they are career driven or moms on the go it is not often that a chunk of time presents itself to allow for a leisurely trip to the hair salon. Often times, it ends up being a last-minute struggle in the bathroom just trying to get your hair to look presentable at all. Cue in the baby screaming, phone ringing, and dog barking all at the same time. This is where StyleInGo can pull a 360 on your beauty regiment and get your hair routine back in check. First let's take a look at the benefits of a blowout on demand.

Benefits to a Blowout on Demand

Healthy Hair - Our hair is an extension of our inner beauty. Yet with something so fabulous we have to maintain the parts. Hair does require some special attention, but the benefits of putting a little extra tender loving care into our locks is well worth it.  Unfortunately, many of the latest hair care practices and fads are doing a disservice to our good old hair follicles. When left to our own devices, often we end up harming our hair when that is the last thing we want to do! According to Dr. Kundu featured in an article on the Huffington Post "The problem with people treating hair at home is no one else is looking." The less we mess with the tress ourselves the better. Save yourself time and your stands from damage and leave the hairstyling to professionals.With a blowout on demand, there are no worries about damage because all the styling tools are being used by an expert who is utilizing superior products. 

Pampering Session - Now close your eyes and picture this...You just finished shampooing and conditioning your hair, the doorbell rings, and in walks your personal hairstylist. She provides you the crème de la crème of blowouts all from the comfort of your home in 45 minutes to an hour. There is absolutely no commute or travel time because let's face it you are sitting on your living room couch. Suddenly, you can indulge in a little pamper time in the privacy of your own home. The result is a beautiful and celeb worthy new do, that will last and last! 

Time Saver - Getting a blowout on demand will save you time commuting to the salon, styling your hair yourself and all the time you spend worrying about the final look. Your freshly blown out mane will not only save you time getting ready in days following, but will also spare your hair unnecessary exposure to heat or styling products for the duration of its glory. Think of it as a little hair vacay. Not to mention, with dry shampoos and conditioners all the rage these days you can extend the life of the blowout on demand as well (depending on your hair type).  Time is money. 

StyleInGo makes the most of both for you, with reasonable pricing on their blowout on demand. Enjoy gorgeous hair today, and thank us tomorrow!

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