4 Ways Vitamin C Can Aid In Your Beauty Regiment

We've all heard about the awesome beauty effects vitamin E has on our skin, hair and nails, but what have you heard about vitamin C?  Vitamin C is good for your immune system and can help prevent cardiovascular disease, but did you also know it can also be good for your appearance? Here are 4 vitamin C uses that can aid in your beauty regiment:

Improves collagen

Vitamin C plays a direct role in your body's production of collagen.Collagen is key to keeping firm, young-looking skin. Vitamin C can also optimize hydration in your skin and reverse the appearance of sun damage. For best results, use vitamin C topically on the face and other areas you wish to have improved skin.

It makes you more energetic

Vitamin C is key to iron absorption. An insufficient amount of iron can lead to you feeling tired. When you're tired, it's written all over your face, your eyes look saggy and your cheeks look drooping. No more! Drink up that orange juice and be on your way to a bright smile and high cheeks!

Reversing dark skin tan

It's hard to tell how tan you'll get when you're in the sun for an extended amount of time. However, if you're like a lot of people, you may tan unevenly. Perhaps your sunscreen was spotty, or some parts of your body got more sun than others. Either way, you may want to even it out. According to India Times, if you add two ripe, mashed strawberries into a teaspoon of natural honey it can be used to lighten tanned areas. Strawberries are packed with Vitamin C which naturally help to remedy the dastardly effects of too much sun!

It's good for your gums

Healthy gums mean a more beautiful smile. Vitamin C has shown to reduce gum bleeding and help prevent/ cure gum disease. Keep your teeth looking dazzling by increasing your vitamin C intake.

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