Wedding Hair - Up, Down, or Both?

Your big day is just around the corner - you know your colors, you have picked the flowers, you haverented a space, the invitations have been sent, and you and your fiancé have finalized the song list. But what are you going doing with your hair? This is one of the biggest days of your life and you want to look back on your wedding pictures and be filled with happiness, not “oh my goodness what was I thinking?” Hairstyles come and go in terms of popularity, so choosing one you will love forever is on the verge of crazy. However, choosing a hairstyle you will love now and hopefully think back on with fondness is a possibility. Here are some wedding hair style facts that can help you narrow down the possibilities and start by choosing between up, down, or both for your wedding hair

Up –An up-do is a classic wedding hairstyle. Here are some reasons you might want to go with an up-do:

  • Show off the Back of Your Dress –  An up-do is a great way to show off the back of your wedding dress any detailing, such as buttons, lace, crystals, a keyhole, etc.
  • Show off Your Neck – An up-do will show off your neck and can make you look taller, so if this is something you would be interested in,try an up-do for your wedding day.
  • Out of the Way – Weddings usually involve a lot of activities, for example you go from the to dancing, to eating, to getting cake shoved in your face. If you choose to go with an up-do you do not won’t have to worry about your hair getting in the way. 
  • Stays the Same All Day – Add a bit of hairspray and your hair should stay looking about the same all day long.
  • Elegant and Classic – An up-do is classic and elegant, and is the most timeless way to wear your hair. 

Down – Though not as popular, leaving your hair down for your wedding is fun and romantic. Here are some reasons you may be interested in a down-do for your wedding big day:

  • More Natural – Keeping your hair down for your wedding makes your hair look much more natural, especially if you go with wavy, curly look.
  • Frame The Face – A down-do helps to frame your face and makes your features look softer.
  • More Casual – Unlike the elegant up-do, a down-do is much more casual, a down-do can look romantic and elegant, but it will still look more casual than an up-do.
  • Retro - For ladies who are looking to incorporate a retro feel to their wedding, Hollywood waves are a big trend right now.

Half Up Half Down – For those who cannot decide whether to go up or down, why not try a half up and half down look? Or part way up with braids and part way down with curls? Here are some of the upsides to doing a halfway hairstyle:

  • Best of Both Worlds – This kind of hairstyle is the best of both worlds for the people who just cannot make up their minds.
  • Out of Your Face and Down – This hairstyle is great for those who want the romantic flowing look of curls, but also want to keep the hair out of their face.
  • Elegantly Casual – This hairstyle goes great with any wedding style- elegant, casual, you name it.

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