Stunning Autumn Hair: Fall 2015 Style & Color Hair Trends

The summer warmth is still tingling under our skin, but the first signs of autumn are unmistakable. Treetops are slowly changing color, and fashion trends turn with them. Here are some of the style and color beauty trends for your hair this fall!

Low Pony Tail

As the summer heat fades, ponytails lower with the dropping temperatures. The low ponytail can be worn centered at the base of the hairline, or off to one side. It can be a simple ponytail; an inside-out ponytail; or a single or double-braid, tied and left loose at the end.


Sandy days by the waves and poolside afternoons are nearly over. As the season changes, you may be ready for a major hair change, too! Worn straight or tousled—bangs are in this season, and since you won’t need to worry about saltwater or chlorine, this is the perfect opportunity to try on a new hair identity!

Bold, 90s Highlights & Thick Streaks

Autumn, 2015, is nodding back to the 1990s. Contrasting colors and highlights are chunkier, bolder, thicker lines. It is time—again—to make a loud statement with your hair!

Relaxed Bun

While you may miss the sunshine, at least you don’t have to worry so much about the summer humidity anymore. No need to over-slick your hair in fear of frizz, this fall is all about comfortable and natural. The relaxed bun is a super-fast and easy twist to keep hair organically tied up. So, relax, and embrace those flyaways this autumn!

Rainbow Hair

As the natural palette dwindles, your hair color will pop in contrast, and this season, the contrast may be surreal! We saw pink, blue and purple hair walk down the fall 2015 runways.

Katy Perry and other celebs have been rocking rainbow locks for a while, but this fall, the look is going mainstream! A word of caution, this look takes constant care to maintain its vibrancy, but it is totally worth it!

As the leaves turn, and you imagine your new look, consult with a professional hair stylistfor en vogue looks that best fit your hair and fashion. Contact us today for a fresh, autumn style, and save some time with on demand hair services!