Afternoon with Alyson Alconis

StyleInGo's Creative Director, Lynn, met up with Alyson Alconis on a sunny Sunday afternoon in San Francisco while she was in the makeup and hair chair with one of StyleInGo's stylist's Teresa 

If you haven’t heard of The Beauty Vanity, you need to check it out! At StyleInGo, we love all things beauty related and beautiful.  When we first stumbled upon Alyson Alconis’ beauty blog, The Beauty Vanity  , we were impressed with how beautiful her website is – from the layout, to the colors and of course the smiling photos of Alyson.  I can tell you first hand that Alyson may look petite, but her bubbly and vivacious personality quickly fills the room and I felt like I had known her forever!  Not only does Alyson run her popular blog, but she is also a full time MBA student (yes, she is also whip smart!).  I had such a wonderful time getting to know her and I hope you do too.

The Look

StyleInGo artist, Teresa, gave Alyson a winged smokey eye, bronzey glowing skin and a tangerine lip to match beachy “Victoria Secret” style waves.  The fabulous Jen and Brandon from Depixion Photography captured all of the beautiful images you see below from behind the scenes and in Golden Gate Park.  See our full interview and photos from the shoot below!

Describe your company – name, mission statement, brief description of the company.

The Beauty Vanity is about sharing my perspective on beauty, fashion and lifestyle to the everyday makeup fanatic.  I believe looking and feeling glamorous shouldn’t be complicated, so I like to share my tips and tricks on how to look your best without the 50 steps.

Tell me how the company came about – why did you start it

I have always loved makeup so much that I decided to pursue a career in it.  After working for a beauty company, I decided to go to graduate school and I now use my blog as a way to express myself creatively while I attend school.

What are the biggest challenges your company has faced

Because the blogging world is very saturated right now, it’s been a learning process to have the confidence to put myself out there on the internet and make The Beauty Vanity stand out.

What was your background prior to this company

My background is in marketing. I worked at a beauty company where I got to interact with a number of beauty brands, promoting products and social media programs.  I truly enjoy learning the story behind brands and products, which I think is why I enjoy blogging so much.

How do you achieve work life balance

As cheesy as it sounds, I live and breathe beauty.  So for me, working on my blog is never work for me - I’m always trying to think of fun ideas and ways to improve.  My weekends are usually spent with my friends, family and boyfriend (whom I don’t see very often), so I try to finish and schedule everything out as much as I can.  But I think they all understand how important my blog is to me, so I do sprinkle in work here and there.

 For all of the other female entrepreneurs’ out there, provide some words of advice

Always stay professional and keep hustling! 

Describe your beauty routine

Taking care of your skin is key!  Every morning and night, I make sure to: cleanse, tone, apply serum and a moisturizing cream.  Sunscreen is also super important during the day.  Trust me, makeup looks a lot better with a great canvas.

My routine changes daily with all the products I have to try, but there are a few things I cannot do without: a winged liner, mascara, and a contoured/bronzed face.

What are your thoughts on a company like StyleInGo – which enables busy women to look their best and thus feel their best at both work and home

I feel like there are never enough hours in a day!  Now that I’m getting busier and busier with my blog, I am always rushing to get “camera-ready” for events.  With a service like StyleInGo, it takes the stress out of getting ready and I can even work while getting my hair and makeup done.