Easy Lip Makeup To Whiten Teeth

We've all heard lip product brands boast about their plumping power, their moisturizing properties, and even their ability to last up to twelve hours - but what about teeth whitening power? Your favorite beauty experts here at StyleInGo are making it our mission to provide you with the best beauty tips, and this is one of our favorite and most flattering trends.

Wondering how a tube of lipstick can brighten your pearly whites? It's the simple science of color correction. When you opt for a blue-based pink lipstick, not only is it a fun and flirty favorite;, this shade of pink brings out the blue-white base of healthy teeth and minimizes any yellowness that may be present from normal everyday food consumption and subsequent staining. Blue-based pinks are easy to spot -- just search for cool pinks with no orange undertones, and colors that make you think spring and winter, not summer and fall. Bold shades like fuchsia make a powerful statement, while powdery light pinks sweeten up any look.

Although dark, sultry shades of wine and mauve can be sexy, they often have a brown, orange, or yellow undertone, which can make already present stains look more prevalent than they already are. To create a youthful glow and highlight your beautiful smile, reach for a blue-based pink gloss and stay on top of this cool trend!

Of course, this is just a quick tip to help brighten (and whiten) your busy day!  Better yet, book an appointment with one of StyleInGo's professional makeup artists and she will pick the perfect lipstick color to whiten your teeth!