Makeup on Demand in San Diego: Highlight And Contour Perfection

If you are planning for a big date, party, meeting, presentation, wedding, or special occasion, you should consider makeup on demand in San Diego. Especially for a big day or celebration that you want to get glam for, having your makeup done by professionals is the perfect way to ensure you stand out at the event in a positive way.

Highlight And Contour

When you wear makeup every day, you may have a routine that is rather simple. And if you don't do a lot of research or read about the makeup industry, there are tips and tricks that you might not even know about.

For example, you can take advantage of highlighting and contouring help darken and lighten specific areas of your face. These can help to enhance your face's shape, bring out features like your cheekbones, and hide features you aren't crazy about. Additionally, highlight powders will help give your skin a beautiful glow that's not sparkly or oily, but a radiance.  

A professional that does the highlighting and contouring on your face will make sure that no transitions are visible, and that your face will look beautiful and seamless. As anyone familiar with the topic knows, proper blending is absolutely crucial for a beautiful, glamorous look.

In addition, if you don't normally wear makeup, makeup on demand is a great way to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel really beautiful. Lastly, when you get your makeup done by professionals, you will get to experience a variety of products that you may not have used before. As a result, it can help to inspire your products and techniques for the future. 

If you have a special event coming up and just want to feel your absolute best, please contact us.



Get the Perfect Look for Your Big Date

Most of the time you're probably happy with your everyday style. Your normal makeup and hair routine is absolutely perfect for a lunch with the girls, or a shopping trip to the mall. However, if you're prepping for a big date that you've been looking forward to all week, and you really want to impress, then you should consider beauty on demand service. StyleInGo beauty on demand service helps you achieve celebrity level style in the comfort of your home.

Get the perfect hair to go with your stunning outfit. Go for a loose and flowy style by choosing StyleInGo's blowout. With perfect volume, and optional curls to finish off the bottom, you'll captivate your date from the first toss of your hair.

Are you going to a fancy restaurant or the theater? Maybe you want a look that's more dramatic and stylish? You'll find the perfect style with StyleInGo's updo service. Whether you want half-up, all up, or an intricate braid, your date won't be able to take his eyes off of you.

Your makeup is an expression of who you are. If you're dramatic and intense, you can ask for a smokey lid that will make your eyes pop. Maybe you have movie-star lips and want to make the most of them. If so, have your stylist focus on making your lips look picture perfect in a dramatic red or a beautiful fall plum.

Your style is unique to you. No two women are alike, and you should celebrate who you are. If you want customized look, with high quality service brought to you, then look no further than StyleInGo. If you're in Los Angeles, and you have a big date this weekend that you want to look absolutely show-stopping for, then please contact us today. We would love to help you step out in style, and show off your unique beauty with confidence.

Fall Is Here: Get Makeup On Demand in San Diego for a Fresh Autumn Look

Each season brings new weather, styles, temperatures, and opportunities. You might feel confident enough to do your own makeup on a daily basis, but you might not adventure with new things. You may not find the right opportunities to step out of your comfort zone. It is also possible that you do not have enough makeup products to get extra creative, and buying them for that reason alone is a bit risky. With fall here, you will find that it is the perfect time to get help with makeup on demand in San Diego.

Adjust to Seasonal Outfits

It is natural for the weather to cool down as summer turns into fall. So, you will begin adjusting your outfits, and more likely than not, these outfits are going to encompass covering up more skin. You might be wearing scarves, high-collared shirts, or jackets and you may be wearing your hair down more frequently. It makes sense to change your makeup to mesh with the new looks that you are creating.

Incorporate New Colors

Fall brings about an entirely new set of decoration colors. Shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown flood the market, and you can use this as an opportunity to incorporate them into your makeup ideas. But, instead of trying to experiment on your own, you can see what truly works with professional assistance. They can show you what colors work well on your face and you can get them later on. Paying for this service can save you money in the long run as it helps you buy the products that you know you like.

Want to get your makeup done? Feel free to contact us at any time.

6 Ways to Apply the Silver Hair Trend

Silver-colored hair is the most popular trend of this season. It is expected to gain even more prevalence throughout 2017. That’s right, your grandmother’s hair is now high-fashion. You have probably noticed the silver trend and how it gained popularity among famous trendsetters. However, have you considered how many different styles you could achieve using silver as a base tone? Our  professional hair stylist on demand in LosAngeles will help you find the best silver style.  Silver offers a lot of versatility and numerous options. Here are six great ways to use silver in your hair.

Silver and shadow roots

This style requires mixing the ombre and balayage methods to give your hair a more attractive look. The dark roots fade to lighter tones, which appear as sun-kissed hair. The gray shade of the balayage is a wonderful characteristic that offers a mild and genuine appearance while creating increased color ranges. Hair can be curled to make a top-notch style.

Pastel hair

These vivacious shades are intended to make you look younger. With this amazing style, you can remove years from your appearance. Who would have thought, silver actually makes you look younger!The vivid purple tones are typically seen with a bob style haircut. The rest of the hair is silver toned with grey streaks to lighten the overall look. Having an abundance of flyaway and curly hairs create a tousled and laid-back look.

Silver princess

This hairstyle is known for being fashionable, feminine and fun. The unusual color mixture is often selected by ladies who want to stand out from the crowd. It starts from a dark shade and leisurely fades into lighter tones. Add a decorative headband to get that realistic grandma style.

Silver blonde hair

Few things are better than robust, healthy hair. This color style is definitely on point. The twinkle in a silver hair color offers an illusion similar to that of lip gloss. The locks of hair are put into curls to provide a bit more personality. The layers at the back are free of frizz and offer a glossy, long lasting shimmer. If your hair is naturally dull, this might be a good choice for you. It will definitely brighten things up and create a more shiny look.

Silver for ashy blonde hair

The faint effect provided by the ash blonde base can be combined with perfect highlights of silver. The locks of hair are wavy to make a flattering style. The waves create volume and add dimension. The greatest aspect of this color combination is that it's a low-maintenance style and is fairly simple to achieve. This is perfect for the busy gal who doesn’t have a lot of extra time to style her hair.

Ash blonde balayage ombre

The beautiful consistency and amazing color transition provide these layered locks with a lot of attitude. This slick color mixture fades from ash blonde to lighter silver blonde. It's certainly a wonderful way to color your asymmetric haircut and give it some height and curls that improve your appearance. If you feel your hair is often too flat, this could be the right choice for you.

You may think silver is not your “thing.” However, with its growing popularity, it may be worth a try. Thousands of trendsetters couldn’t be wrong, could they? The great thing about adding silver is that you don’t need to overdo it. A little silver tone goes a long way. Play around with some of the above-mentioned ideas and see if any of these great styles work for you. Any time you change your hairstyle or color, the most important thing to remember is that your personality should show. Make sure your hair matches your attitude, so you are comfortable and stylish at the same time. Let your inner beauty shine outwardly with amazing hair.

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Seeking That Perfect Hairstyle for Cozy Fall Nights? We’re the Only Hair Stylists on Demand in San Diego who Keep Up with the Trends

One of the best things about San Diego is our Fall weather. It’s never too hot or too cold here. For many of us, Fall means several months of light sweaters; comfortable, soft, warm clothes, and good hair days.

Though fall hair color trends were beautiful this year. Many of them were the hues you would expect like warm chestnuts and auburns with highlights.

However, jet blacks and varying tones of blonde from icy with black roots to warm blondes mixed with pinks or browns also made appearances on the runways. However, the runways were also full of the types of styles that allow any San Diego beauty to take advantage of all the upcoming good hair days she can.

Harper’s Bazaar featured some of the top looks.

Play Up Your Natural Curls and Texture

If you have the type of soft wavy hair, (like slide 4), natural curls, (like slide 8), or bushy texture that tends to either shrink or expand at the first sign of humidity, now’s the time to show off your hair’s natural beauty. Big, curly hair and soft bushy textures are very popular now. Designers like Zac Posen, Louis Vuitton and Rag & Bone featured models with striking natural texture on the runways.

Vamp it Up with Perfect Marcel Waves

Nothing kills that perfect vintage look quicker than humidity; either the kind that makes you sweat excessively or the kind that comes with an icy rain. Luxurious marcel waves, (like slide 31) are absolutely stunning with Fall shoulder wraps, comfortable body-hugging dresses, and vintage high heels. Salvatore Ferragamo and Prada featured these looks at fashion events this season.

Sport Fun and Funky 80s Looks

For many fashionistas, the 80s will never go away. Though some 80s looks were simply horrible overall, many women still have a few skirts, purses, shirts, earrings, just odds and ends to add a touch of flair. If the 80s still holds a place in your heart, this season is the perfect one to have your stylist give you a look that requires just a little bit of hairspray. Though these 80s looks, (like slides 46-49), do remind us of the decade, they’re not over-the-top.

Contact us today at StyleNGo. There’s no easier way to get your hair done in San Diego. We’re affordable and we come right to you. Our stylists watch the trends with a passion and can give you the looks you crave for date night, a business event or social event where you not only have to look your best, but you have to look on trend. Call us whenever you need a hair stylist on demand in San Diego.



Straight 'Outta Fashion Week: 3 Fall Beauty Trends to Fall For

With only one month until fall begins, your makeup drawer is gearing up for a brand-new season of style. This fall is going to be all about lush, velveteen shades, innovative shards of sparkle and sea-inspired smoke that takes the smoky eye to a whole new level. Get your vanity ready for sweater season with these 3 beauty trends straight outta’ Fashion Week.

Decadent Noir

IMAGE: Fenty x Puma Fall 2016

From Louis Vuitton in Paris to Marni in Milan, deep, lacquered lips showed up all over fall runways in dark shades of decadent plum. While countless houses paid homage to the trend this season, most are touting Rihanna’s neo-gothic Fenty x Puma look for taking this look to the masses.

Shine Meets Innovation

IMAGE: Burberry Fall 2016

Glitter and glam is popping up in unexpected places this season, inviting us to play with shimmer in new, innovative ways. Opening Ceremony chose dazzling shades of snow to sculpt cheekbones and highlight earlobes while Burberry created a statement-making spectacle of tears that shine.

Smoke on the Water

IMAGE: Kendall Jenner

The smoky eye has always broken rules, but this season the smoky eye is becoming less one-size-fits-all and more pave-your-own-trail. Dries Van Noten’s lids were reminiscent of 20th century watercolor paintings and Chanel channeled the cross-stitch pattern best known from its cult-following handbags.

These three most popular trends for autumn range from bold to innovative and may feel a little bit difficult to master alone. Let Style In Go and our makeup on demand in Los Angeles help you to achieve these musing looks and teach you how to work them into your everyday repertoire effortlessly. Contact us today to make us a part of your glam squad.


Call us for Fabulous Makeup on Demand in San Diego

It's like Cocoa Chanel said, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."

But sometimes we just don't have the time to refresh our classy, fabulous looks. It might be easy most mornings to step into the bathroom and glamour ourselves up with a fresh cup of coffee at our sides, rest still lingering in our souls. Whether you are a regular makeup wearer or only pull it out for special occasions, you probably do something in the morning to make yourself feel beautiful.

By the end of the day, the time you spent getting yourself ready is often winding down. Sometimes the middle of the day calls for a refresher. When you don't have enough time or enough of a vision for your makeup, what do you do? 

Enter StyleInGo, where all you have to do is make an appointment and we'll show up at your door with all the supplies to make you look and feel fabulous.

All you need to do is wash your face and have a few photos ready to show (here's a tip: use Pinterest. Or do it the old fashioned way and as you browse through magazines look for makeup that stands out to you. Rip out those pages as you see them, and keep theses images close. Arrange them into themes like "Business" and "Glamorous" and "Just for fun" so that you can pull them out for instant inspiration, no matter the occasion.)

Coco Chanel also said, "Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise it's not luxury." In other words, running around trying to get ready for an important meeting or a date or a photo session will just make you frazzled. No matter how good your makeup is, if you feel frazzled, your face will look it too.

So contact us for your next business meeting, your next date, or your next family photo session. Let us help you get refreshed and beautiful. Let us help you tap into comfortable luxury with our San Diego makeup on demand service.


Achieve a Look You Could Never Achieve on Your Own with Beauty on Demand in San Diego

Whether an important interview, your wedding, or another event is around the corner, you may want to look your absolute best. If you have experience with doing your hair and makeup, but not to the extent that you feel comfortable enough to go beyond what you do every day, you should get help. Beauty on demand in San Diego can provide you with these services wherever you are located.

An Array of Makeup Products at Your Disposal

With so many products on the market, narrowing down your options is not easy. If you were to do extra makeup on your own, you would have to go out and find new products. But, the easiest solution is to let professionals shop for their own products and worry about testing them to see what works best. When you get makeup services, you will have an array of products at your disposal for them to use.

A Hair Style Perfect for Your Face

Not every hair style looks good on one person. However, certain hair styles look incredible, and a hair stylist’s job is to find what works best for your face and unique features. Instead of looking at beauty blogs or magazines, you can just let a professional make use of their expertise and give you an amazing look.

Experienced Hands on the Job

Although you may consider yourself experienced after doing your hair and makeup for so long, you likely do not have the same level of experience or knowledge as someone who does it for a living. Whether you need your hair styled or your makeup done, you should know the task is in great hands with a professional.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us at any time.


Beauty on Demand in Las Vegas

You're in Vegas, staying at Planet Hollywood, and determined to give JLo, Brittney and all those golden girls a run for their money. You've bought the sexiest LBD and you're ready to go -- well, almost! What will you do with your hair? And how can you make your face Vegas-ready?

Do what the celebs do and have a hairstylist and a makeup artist come to you, of course! There's a new personal beauty service in town these days that offers beauty-on-demand service and you don't have to do anything but book an appointment and wait for us to come to you! Our specialty is beauty on demand and our name is Stylingo, LLC. We've got the professional staff and the know-how to make you look and feel gorgeous for your night on the town in Las Vegas!

We offer blow-outs, updos, and makeup, or you can book a package deal that includes both hair and makeup for one affordable price. Our makeup artists and stylists are trained and screened to ensure you get the best, most professional services for your special night. We won't gouge your pocketbook either. Our philosophy is that everybody should be able to enjoy our personalized services, not just the rich and famous. We're no fly-by-night company -- we've got offices in San Diego and L.A. too, and lots and lots of satisfied customers!

If you want to look your absolute best for whatever special night (or day!) you've got planned during your Vegas vacation, contact us!



Just Got a New Haircut? Get Beauty on Demand in San Diego to Create a Look That Meshes Well

Going to a hair salon and getting a slight trim is not going to make a big difference to your look. But, when you cut most of your hair off, or have it cut in a way that requires a certain hairstyle to work, you may be at a loss for what to do when it comes to applying makeup on a daily basis. This is a time in which you should get beauty on demand in San Diego to see what you can do to mesh with your new haircut.

Let the Experts Work Their Magic

The great thing about leaving this kind of work in the hands of professionals is that they have an eye for what works and what does not work so well. Giving them complete control is one option, or you can give them a few guidelines if you do not want them to use certain products if they do not fit in with your job.

See What Products to Buy

A makeup artist is going to have lots of products that they can access to do the best job possible. It is almost certain that they will have more than what you have in your collection, which means you may end up finding a few products that you want to pick up shortly after getting this professional service.

Get Help More Than One Time

Getting your makeup done professionally means you have one look you can replicate. But, you may still be having a difficult time coming up with ideas for how to do your makeup with your new hairstyle. In this situation, you should get beauty on demand on several occasions to get even more ideas.

Want to know more about our services? Contact us today!